79 Dollar Kindle

79 Dollar Kindle

Why 79 dollar Kindle?

Who would have thought that the new entry level Kindle ebook reader name will be 79 dollar Kindle?

Couple years ago Kindle 3 was launched and speculations about the next kindle model started to circulate immediately. Everybody expected Amazon to call its next ebook reader model Kindle 4. Everybody was so wrong.

Amazon launched 3 new Kindle models – Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. People did not look too far and started to refer to the cheapest model as to ’79 dollar Kindle’

79$ Kindle features
First thing you will notice when you take Kindle in your hands is its small size and light weight. Currently the cheapest Kindle model is the lightest ebook reader in the market. Its weight is only 6 ounces.

The height of 79$ Kindle is 2.5 inches less than height of Kindle 3. That is because new Kindle has lost the keyboard. It has been replaced by 5 way touchpad controller and additional navigation keys (Back, Keyboard, Menu and Home).

Lack of keyboard might look like a serious problem but…wait. Why would you want to type something on the ebook reader? I can see only 2 situations when you would need to enter some text in your Kindle – when you want to visit any website or when you search for something in Amazon store. Anyway if you think you need a reader with keyboard you can spend a couple dollars more and get a Kindle Keyboard which is the new name for previous generation Kindle model – Kindle 3.
79 dollar Kindle accessories
There are 2 accessories I would suggest to get. First is a case for Kindle to avoid scratching your reader. Second accessory is a power adapter for charging the Kindle from power mains.